Thursday, December 15, 2016

Where have all the people gone?

Why am I here? I am sure that Blogs are no longer the rage. Out of style and out of focus. Maybe there is still some room for content blogs but the personal blog has gone the way of Facebook. Keep up with the times Mike. Its kind of sad though. I'm more of the intimate dinner with a few close friends and not a huge party filled with so many people that you don't even know the majority of them.

So where did you all go?

I hope you are doing well. Things change. People move on and we are left with our memories and a whole host of blogs that have their last entries in 2008. How long will they stand? I spent some time going through some of the sites that I used to visit. So many people that I admired. So many words that had touched me deeply. Wow. You were some incredible people. I am not ashamed to say that I loved a bunch of you. I learned the hard way though that speaking those words out loud have different effects on different people. Some people just don't understand how you can love somebody that is almost a stranger. No regrets.

The thing about Blogs is that there was a lawlessness about them. It was the wild west of the internet. You weren't fenced in by the rules of engagement. It was acceptable to walk in uninvited to a blog and read about the thoughts of another person. You could speak your mind on your own blog and people either spent some time with you in conversation or they moved on. Maybe that made us naive and is what pushed us towards a more structured environment. People needed to fit in to a set of rules or they were never invited into your circle. It is safer. Security is important and I understand the change.

I do miss you and think of you from time to time. I thank you too.

I whisper these words across the winds of time like a message in a bottle. Sometimes they are found washed upon a distant shore. Sometimes they are forever lost. May these words find those that need it most.