Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I imagine that it is not the thought that perpetuates the ripples but the thought that tunes our perception. Like buying a car only to discover that there are so many of them on the highway...

The other day I was thinking about heart and head and how they tend to each seek favor in our soul. It was a concept that had some weight. As I thought more of my circumstances I saw some ripples of this along my life. Where is the center of this ripple? Did the thought cause the ripple or was the thought because of the ripple?

I have two sons. One seems to be pure head and the other seems to be pure heart. One quiet and ordered the other loud and colorful. Not so simple of course but the ripple took me to that thought and took me to them too. The son who is head was struggling with heart. Both as in how brothers fight but also in the sense of life. If you measure life purely by logic you miss the beauty and you miss the meaning and at some point in your calculations to cannot find the answers.

I first visited his disturbance and because I too struggle I could understand his situation. I could give advice and I chose to. Bring some more heart into your life son. There are times that logic will not bring you the answers. We talked about all the forms of intelligence and thoughts and we came back to one that he held lowest but needed to trust more.

There is a clear ringing of the heart. It shouts and shows you many answers in your life. I tried to bring him there and as ripples would do I brought myself there as well. I hope he saw the beauty that we reached that day.

Later I found my other son awash in the sea of his heart. It held swells that could throw him to the stars. He was having troubles and needed a anchor. I make a poor one but ripples again brought me here. I could reach him because I have been there recently. We talked about things and I started making statements that made no sense and he called me on them. Lovenly I looked into eyes and smiled and said now you are using your head. With laughter he understood. Sometimes we need to let our brains lead us and not to be led by our hearts. There was solid ground there. A place that ripples brought us both. I hope he felt the ground as much as I did.

These dampening waves highlighted other parts of my life. What ripples through yours?

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