Thursday, January 5, 2012

Led by my heart

I am not sure if I am one of those people who wears his heart on his sleeve but I am certainly somebody who is led by his heart. Sometimes it is comforting. It has a sense of being genuine. When our heart believes, when our heart cares, when our heart suggests doesn't that mean we are being truthful? Doesn't that mean that we care about others? Isn't this a good characteristic?

When our head believes, when our head suggests, when we do something that is logical we can find out later that we used this logic to rationalize or decision. We lie to ourselves all the time to reduce any pain and to justify fulfilling our wants.

Logic dictates that our heart does the same thing although my heart adamantly denies it.

A lot of the things that my heart tells me my head argues with. It makes a lively day at times. Sometimes it can be stressful.

My head will get into a thought such as the one this blog originally had been intended to be about: the diverse world of the internet and my passion for stumpleupon and general wandering, about along my journey finding people that I admire but my difficulty in connecting with them... and my heart will twist it.

It makes it challenging to complete thoughts at time. They shift and shoot like a crackling fire and I get lost in the colors. Pretty but...

So when you see two brothers that have different personalities; one calm and quiet and the other full of noise and emotion. When you see that at times they just cannot exist without arguing intensely... Well that's how it is to be in my head. Sometimes you just want them both to shut up and let you get some work done.

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