Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Kids teach us more than we will ever teach them. They teach us all that stuff that we have forgotten. They teach us innocence and they enlighten us to the joys all around us.

The other night, my wife, my youngest and I were playing cribbage. Part way through the game after my wife had scored points using my card for the third play in a row, I joking said, "you suck". My son being at that age where he is being welcomed into the age of maturity immediately perked up in glee. He knew it was a forbidden language. He immediately asked, "What did you say?"

Well... There is something delightful in being a dad when a son starts to grow into that age where he is not a child. That sweet spot in life where we can share a bit more on an equal footing. I choose to give him a bit more freedom and he stands taller. We are at this point.

I repeated what I had said.

Mothers and sons bond differently and on a different schedule. Her role required her to tone us down. So the next play instead of saying, "you suck" I simply said, "ys". I thought my son was a bit slow on the shift when he asked with a confusing look, "What?"

Before an explanation could be furnished though he added, "No ybs"

Now I laughed in glee.